The Lord’s Supper: Our Policy

Come early! The aspect of our worship services that surprises most people is that, while everyone who comes in the door is welcome to hear the word, sing, and pray with the congregation, participation in the Lord’s Supper is something we carefully guard. The Supper is a great and wonderful privilege, which Jesus gave to his people, and we take this privilege seriously. Jesus commanded his disciples—and only his disciples—to celebrate it. The apostle Paul warned that people who ate and drank carelessly risked the wrath of God (1 Corinthians 11:17-32). We don’t want that for you.

We take this privilege very seriously. For that reason, if you’re visiting, we ask that you arrive a little early (at least ten minutes) and speak with one of our elders about eating and drinking. We will ask you if you have been baptized and if you are a member of a Christian church. If you are both, we will normally invite you to take part with us.

If those things don’t describe you, or you arrive too late to meet with an elder, don’t be offended! We’re not judging your heart: just carrying out the work of shepherding God’s sheep (1 Peter 5:1-5). Stay and worship with us, and let the bread and wine pass you by when they are distributed.